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The Diastasis Rehab Lose Your Mummy Tummy® exercise program is for ALL women wanting to close a diastasis…. not just for new moms.

The Diastasis Rehab Say Goodbye to Your Gut, Guys® exercise program is for ALL men with a diastasis…..not just men with a big belly.

The Tupler Technique® Perfect Pushing® exercise program is for pregnant women hoping to have a vaginal birth. Pushing is a skill that needs to be learned and practiced. A small diastasis can prevent a c-section.

Diastasis Rehab Belly Button Boogie® exercise progrim is for kids…..They can start doing the exercises at 5 years old.

Tupler Technique ® Ab Rehab® exercise program prepares you before abdominal surgery to maintain the integrity of the sutures after surgery.


If you do not have a Licensee in your area and need support this is the perfect solution. This program gives you:

  1. Three (3) live one hour seminars with Julie where you get all your questions answered
  2. Weekly video that you watch online
  3. Weekly tips
  4. Belly Buddy and ability to blog with all participants
  5. Best Belly contest where you can win a free splint and a one hour Skype session with Julie

Maximum of 18 clients per class.

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