Umbilical Hernia……A Side Effect of Diastasis Recti

If you have an umbilical hernia, more than likely you have a diastasis recti (separation of the outermost abdominal muscles). If you have surgery for the umbilical hernia, but don’t close the diastasis recti, there is a good chance your hernia repair will not last!

Closing a diastasis recti is all about healing the connective tissue. When you heal the connective tissue with the research-based Tupler Technique® Program, you bring support to the umbilicus. You will see your belly button go from an outie to an innie! You will also get a flatter belly because your muscles (not connective tissue) will be supporting your organs.

Healing connective tissue is not an overnight process. This program takes time, effort and a commitment to doing all 4 steps of the program for a minimum of at least 18 weeks.

If  you decide to  go the surgery route for whatever reason, it is still important to do this program  to “prepare” for the surgery. This program will strengthen your abdominal muscles before surgery, teach you how to use them correctly and prepare you for the activities you will be doing during the recovery process.  As a result, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the sutures so your surgery will last.

So the bottom line is….you have nothing to lose by doing the Tupler Technique® Program. Chances are if you are really diligent about doing this program you will close your diastasis and fix your umbilical hernia.  If not, you will have a better outcome for your surgery.


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6 Responses to Umbilical Hernia……A Side Effect of Diastasis Recti

  1. ErikaB says:

    Hello, I have a question for you. I just recently ordered your “Lose Your Mummy Tummy” to heal my Diastasis Recti. I did have an umbilical, Belly Button, hernia for several yrs but I had gallbladder surgery and they fixed the hernia. However I ended up getting an abscess in the area and had to have a second surgery to correct an even larger hernia caused by the infection. I had to have my umbilical, belly button, removed because of it. Before my surgery the first time, I had a very large doctor had me lift my head prior to surgery to get a full view of the hernia and the center of my stomach was a very full, large football when I raised my head. However after the second surgery, I have a very small football now when I raise my head. I believe my surgeon did some repair in closing that area the second surgery b/c of the damage that was done by the infection. I recall him telling me he had to pull some of the muscle together to close the area up and I had to wear a large abdominal splint for several weeks afterwards. I even had problems walking and breathing for about a week after surgery. I believe it was b/c the muscle were in the correct spot post surgery. As of today I have a D. Recti of about 2 fingers wide..maybe 2.5 even. I am wondering since I had my Belly button removed if I will have an issue with the area healing correctly?

    Thank you ErikaB

    • Julie Tupler says:

      The umbilical hernia is a side effect of a diastasis recti. You may want to find out where your doctor repaired the muscles. Usually it is below the belly button. The repair is done with sutures so it is important to do this program to “maintain” the integrity of the sutures.
      However, the diastasis above your belly button is definitely larger than 2.5 fingers if there is a bulge there. You just have not checked it correctly. You will definitely need to do all 4 steps of the program which you will learn about when you do watch the DVD

  2. ErikaB says:

    Hello, thanks for the response. Unfortunately after the abscess the hernia was above my belly button but located in the belly button as well. So, to help was top but off to the side of the belly button on my right side. The repair was done to my upper abdominal above my belly button. When I lie down on my back and raise my head…I can only get in 2 fingers and it goes maybe an inch in…when I raise my head, as the doctor had me do in his office the “football” appearance is slightly above and slightly below where my belly button should is about 3 inches wide during the football test…before it was from the bottom of my bra to the top of my Underwear and was very wide…probably more like 4-5 inches wide…it was a huge area. When I first had the was in my belly button was the size of a dime as the doctor put it….they wouldn’t even surgically correct it b/c it was not “big” enough. But when I had to have my gallbladder out..they went ahead and corrected it. However, like I said I ended up getting an abscess the size of an orange (no joke there) and once it was drained and healed, which took a couple of weeks to a month…it caused a lot of damage and created a larger hernia in the upper part of my belly button/abdomen…I actually looked like I was 4-5 months pregnant prior to the 2nd surgery. The “foot ball” bulge that I have is right over where my belly button would be. I have a scar from surgery about 3 inches long and that is where the bulge is. I will redo the check to make sure I am doing it correctly however it was done in the doctor’s office too before and after surgery. I will do all 4 steps for sure. I was wondering since my belly button was gone if that would cause a problem for healing?

    • Julie Tupler says:

      Your belly button not being there will not be a problem! This program is all about healing the connective tissue. When you check you have to relax your muscles and then not come up to high. The higher you come up the more the muscles will come together and it will make it seem smaller than it is.

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