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The Tupler Technique® is a research and evidenced based exercise program to treat diastasis recti which is a separation of the abdominal muscles. Julie Tupler, RN, an expert in treating diastasis recti, has been working with women, men and children to help them close their diastasis since 1990. Closing a diastasis with the Tupler Technique® is all about healing connective tissue. Her program does this by:

  1. Continuously approximating or bringing both the connective tissue and muscles closer together with the Diastasis Rehab Splint®. This takes the stretch off the “stretched out” connective tissue and puts the connective tissue in a better position to heal and do the Tupler Technique® exercises. This also puts the outermost abdominal muscles in a better position to do the exercises. To strengthen abdominal muscles they must be close together and move from front to back. When they are separated they will move sideways which not only does not strengthen the muscles but it stretches the connective tissue.
  2. Protect the connective tissue from getting stretched from activities and movements that stretch it (i.e crunches, forward crossover movements, downward facing abdominals or movements that flare the ribs)
  3. Develop transverse awareness and strength with the Tupler Technique® exercises so the transverse muscle can then be used with activities of daily living and also while working out. The Tupler Technique® exercises for diastasis recti will put tension on the “splinted” connective tissue which will help to make it stronger.

Making a diastasis smaller with the Tupler Technique® is also important before abdominal surgery (ie umbilical hernia) to prevent an incisional hernia and during pregnancy to prevent a c-section.

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